Water Damage Pasadena

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  • Mold Remidiation & Removal Pasadena

    Whether you have pre-existing mold damage from years of excessive humidity in a crawlspace or basement, or a small bathroom leak that when was spotted revealed fungi growth, we have the solution for you. Not only can we treat and preserve/salvage drywall, joists, and sub floor with our process, but in the event when we must tear out drywall, trim, vanity's, etc, Water Damage Pasadena can repair, install and rebuild these affected areas too! This way you deal with one reliable professional company from start to finish. We explain everything from step 1-10 upfront and answer all and any questions/concerns you may have. In addition, our company policy is to work with the customer giving you complete control of what options and selections work best for you and your family. Always take immediate measures and steps to prevent the favorable environment for mold, but Water Damage Pasadena has some of the best prices in Pasadena guaranteed when mold removal services are needed.

  • Don’t take any chances with the health of the people you care for and who help your business run effectively. Schedule a Water Damage Pasadena free mold inspection – especially if you’ve recently experienced any water damage or notice water stains, or had any recent water damage repair anywhere in your home or office – to take the steps to provide a healthier and safer environment. Water Damage Pasadena complies with all EPA guidelines and procedures for mold removal.